Real Wisdom in a Changing World

How effective are you at leading with a focus on what matters, the customer, whilst at the same time adapting, changing and innovating your offering to that same customer’s evolving needs and wants? What culture are you leading, to inspire your people, to consistently engage with passion? How agile are your operations?

Change scares most people, particularly within organizations.   As do complexity, contradiction and an uncertain future.   Yet leading constant change and innovation are mandatory for sustainable, extraordinary results in today’s digital world.

We offer practical ways to grow and meet change, with clarity, conviction, courage and agility.

“What a career changing experience this has been so far! I do recommend this to everyone wanting to experience a richer and more meaningful life.

Coaching was a very new concept to me. After a few weeks into the program I started enjoying it and became comfortable with the program and my coach. It benefited me mostly in leadership growth, emotional intelligence and helping me build confidence.

I gained new perspectives that allow me to get more things done every day. More of the important things and less of the time wasting ones!

The decision I made to follow this coaching program is one of the most valuable decisions I’ve ever made.”
Business Client

Practical wisdom for the real world

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is about changing behavior. Behaviour, not knowledge, is what drives results…

Corporate Coaching

The real opportunity staring organizational leaders in the face is creating an innovation culture…

Career and Transition Coaching

When it is time to make a significant change, to re-invent yourself and unleash your career or life’s potential…

“Torsten is a coach who can combine a compelling business edge and an understanding of what makes things work, with a deep appreciation of himself and a capacity to help clients explore themselves in a compassionate and thoughtful way. Its a unique combination.”

Craig O’Flaherty – Director, Centre for Coaching, Graduate School of Business, UCT (Coach, Teacher, Colleague)


‘Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall’

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