Thoughts on School Education for the Digital Age

Given my coaching work and experience, what are my thoughts on school education for the digital age? My client organizations employ young people described as 'Millenials' and 'Generation Y'. What can we learn from their experiences? Any discussion around...

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KISS – Leading with Simplicity in Complex Change (Part 3)

KISS: Many of us have heard of ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’. This article is about leading with simplicity in complex organizational change. In the last article on corporate transformation I introduced the idea of complexity. When I am first asked to consider working with...

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I can change – how hard can that be? (Part 2)

In our last article we explored a major business trend: the need to reinvent and change traditional or legacy business operating models in order for such established businesses to leverage their resources and experience to compete in the digital age. Lets explore...

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Linking Mindfulness and Integral Coaching

Our clients ask how mindfulness fits into coaching at Real Wisdom. We also are asked how coaching works. In this brief blog we look at answering both questions. Mindfulness is a core competence employed by Real Wisdom in its coaching programs. We define mindfulness as...

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The Gifts of Uncertainty

She said she felt as if she had been treading water her whole life.  "What if you stop?" I asked.  Either you sink or you float.  The very moment you give up struggling with the water, if you're going to float, you have to put your faith in the water - just lie back...

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Be Firm to be Kind – Boundaries with Compassion

As a parent I understand: sometimes I need to be firm to be kind. I have read parenting books that tell me this, other parents share this advice, my parents .... More importantly, when I draw the line with my little boy, resistance inevitably takes the shape of loud...

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Finding Happiness, Creativity and Kindness in Nature

What is it about nature? I was hooked after my first day on the Otter Trail. Having arrived straight from a busy and stressful job, still ruminating over past conversations, I noticed that gradually I began to hear the sound of the ocean and the birds in the trees, my...

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