Corporate Coaching

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”
Peter Drucker

What would happen to your organizational performance, if every employee, manager and leader felt inspired to innovate and perform consistently at their very best?

What if you had only high performing teams, in which each individual’s ideas, creativity and unique strengths complement and stimulating those of others in teams ?

The real opportunity staring organizational leaders in the face is creating a Sustainable Change Culture within their business. Coaching is a way of having Leadership Conversations, which unlock human potential and inspire engagement with change and new perspectives, leading to the very best performance in leaders and employees.

In our programs professional coaches, with an understanding of transformation leadership, effectively leverage their skills into an organization in a strategic- and results-driven manner. We focus our programs on well-established organizations, many of which are global, multi-national and multi-cultural in structure and reach, and which understand and are dedicated to transforming themselves to excel in our VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous) world. The opportunity lies in completely re-inventing the way they think and operate as a business, without losing the advantage of being a well established large organization with substantial track record, historic market penetration and asset sheet.

Changing individual mindsets and an organizational culture are possibly the most difficult and complex of leadership challenges. And yet, this valuable skill set can be coached, and applied immediately. We typically start working with the individual top leaders within the organization, since they will be inspiring and sustaining transformation. The mindset change can seem incredible, but with skillful coaching becomes both achievable and sustainable. Once leaders feel competent to inspire and sustain their organizational culture transformation, the focus shifts to supporting the development of powerful leadership conversations within the organization, which drive change through different parts.

We have noticed that sometimes corporate organizations, with good intention, start with a sophisticated change plan, typically focused on their structures and processes. This is driven with passion by subject matter experts in these fields. However, processes are inhabited by people. The symptom of this approach is widespread, often silent, resistance and inertia. This results in value destruction and change failure. Perhaps you sense this clearly within your own organization? Instead we coach for leadership mindset or culture shift. It is only once leaders are able to deeply convince their people to follow them towards a new, clear and compelling vision and outcome, that teams and individuals believe in and act on change. It is that simple. This is what we do, and this is why we are consistently successful in coaching organizations through their transformational needs.

The outcome: employees and managers move beyond resistance or incremental tinkering, to changing their individual mindsets and collective culture, supporting one another through common language and practice, and seeing bottom line impact, in real time.

Speak to us to discuss and explore your situation, challenges and opportunities, without obligation.  Each and every organization and their respective competitive environment is different. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach – unfortunately. Real Wisdom works with one of two large and well resourced professional corporate coaching companies, covering the USA, Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific region. We use only certified and experienced professional coaches, and have the depth, experience and track record to provide real and sustainable culture and mindset transformation solutions, to suit your strategic priorities, your budget and your competitive future.


“What we are doing is not working. When this is the case, we tend to do more of what we’ve already done, more quickly, rather than rethink what we’re doing. Coaching stimulates fresh thinking.”
James Flaherty, Integral Leadership LLC

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