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Real Wisdom operates as a Professional Coaching practice to meet the demand for professional executive and corporate leadership coaching, also specializing in leadership development within lean enterprise transformation contexts.

Real Wisdom combines the power of integral coaching with leadership development and mindfulness practice to create the shifts in leader’s mindsets and corporate culture, required to excel in the digital age.

Dr Torsten Henschel

Torsten-GreyTorsten has been working in roles as entrepreneur, manager, director, coach, mentor and facilitator since 2000. He has focused on innovation and talent development and has honed his skills in professional, entrepreneurial and corporate (small to multi-national) business contexts. Apart from Integral Coaching® (ACC, PCC), he has studied business (MBA) and HR (CHRP). He is also an accredited Integrative Enneagram Practitioner®, experienced in individual and team applications of this powerful coaching tool, and is trained to facilitate Coaching Circles®.

Torsten is focused on one-on-one executive and leadership coaching, and increasingly delivers strategic corporate leadership coaching programs, independently and in association with the Centre for Coaching (Africa, Europe and Australasia). His special interest and growing experience in agile and lean thinking originates from his entrepreneurial experience, subsequently honed through working within corporates to assist these organizations in creating and sustaining their lean transformation programs. He prefers to work closely with agile and lean operations experts, where his focus is on preparing the leadership and employees for the required shifts in perspectives, paradigms, habits and organizational culture, which drive lean organizational practices sustainably.

Torsten received his MBA degree from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, and is registered and certified as Professional Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and as Chartered HR Practitioner with the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP).

Torsten’s strength lies in his diverse and extensive business background, combined with his integrity and courage to live his life authentically. He is equally comfortable on the operational floor, in the administrative office and the Board Room. He has worked as an entrepreneur, business leader and investor. He has started up, managed, turned around and closed down businesses or units. His experience gives Torsten a balanced and rich approach to coaching, much appreciated by his clients

Torsten helps his clients achieve their goals, change and grow, build new competencies and inspire those they lead. His clients create lasting impact in their work, and their lives.

He combines exceptional listening skills and compassion for all human beings with rigour and candor in his coaching, to allow clients to reach deep insights and truly challenge their own behavioral patterns. This frees them up to explore and develop their full potential. Torsten leaves his clients with the ability to continue to self-correct and to lead themselves within any context – in business and in life.

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Nolene Adams

Nolene has a passion for developing young and experienced leaders through coaching as she believes they perform a pivotal role in the integration of knowledge and experience and influencing the future direction and success of organisations and their communities. Nolene coaches through a deep desire to help people unlock and maximise their potential and in so doing overcome the challenges that are holding them back from defining and fulfilling their life and career vision.

She holds a B. Comm (Financial Management) and is a certified Integral Coach and certified as Associate (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She obtained her coaching qualification through the Centre for Coaching which is affiliated with the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business and New Ventures West, United States. She is also an accredited Integrative Enneagram Practitioner®.

Nolene coaches private as well as corporate clients on a one-on-one basis and uses the Enneagram personality profiling system to help support her clients’ process of self-discovery and development. She aims to work with clients in a way that will increase their awareness in life and provide them with the tools necessary that brings about a new way of being so that new possibilities and action steps arise that were previously invisible to them. She also facilitates group coaching, a context which supports a process of collaborative enquiry amongst a group of leaders committed to learning together and supporting each other in tackling issues, challenges or projects of importance to them and in exploring new possibilities for action.

Her coaching is based on Integral Coaching principles, which takes a holistic approach to development and considers the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person which helps them to develop sustainable strategies, skills and competence to achieve their personal and professional life goals.

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Dr Lydia Altini

LydiaLydia provides independent mindfulness-based programs as well as working with Real Wisdom in delivering corporate wellness and resilience coaching programs. She is a certified mindfulness teacher and a functional medicine doctor. Her special interests include applying mindfulness in business and integral health practice as a private practitioner. She has a personal mindfulness practice of 13 years and has been facilitating mindfulness programs since 2012. Lydia is in the process of international certification as a health coach.

Lydia graduated as a medical doctor from The University of the Witwatersrand in 1994. She has a background in public health research and preventative medicine, nutritional medicine and stress management. Lydia has also obtained post graduate certificates in Integrative Medicine and Mindfulness Based Interventions from the University of Stellenbosch.

Lydia is a mother to 2 boys and married to Torsten. Lydia aspires to provide clients with the insight and the tools that they need to take charge and be accountable for their own sustained resilience, integral health and well-being.

Some of our teachers include

  • Craig O’Flaherty and Janine Everson – Integral Coaching and Integral Leadership,
  • Janine Everson – Coaching Circle® Facilitation
  • Prof Norman Faull – Lean Thinking
  • Wendy Palmer – Leadership Embodiment
  • Dirk Cloete – Advanced Integrative Enneagram
  • Dr Simon Whitesman, Linda Kantor, Trish Bartley – Mindfulness
  • Helene Smit – Advanced Depth Facilitation
  • Ajahn Sukkhacitto – Insight Dialogue
  • Dominic Liber – Diamond Approach
  • Daniel Ahlers – PersProfile Manager
  • Hannah Loewenthal – 5 Rhythms
  • Henk Liebenberg – Tai Chi Chuan

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