Client References

“Torsten is a coach who can combine a compelling business edge and an understanding of what makes things work, with a deep appreciation of himself and a capacity to help clients explore themselves in a compassionate and thoughtful way. Its a unique combination.”

Craig O’Flaherty

Director, Centre for Coaching, Graduate School of Business, UCT (Coach, Teacher, Colleague)

“Just wanted to say that Torsten is absolutely amazing!”

Faried Johnstone

Manager, Allan Gray

‘I met Torsten at UCT’s Centre for Coaching and was fortunate to work with him over the course of year. Torsten brings a special blend of qualities to his work as an Integral Coach. He combines IQ with EQ and his vast academic and business knowledge is complimented by his ability to connect with, and relate to, a wide variety of people. It is easy to see why Torsten’s clients trust him, he is dedicated, knowledgeable, down to earth and insightful. Torsten is able to assist individuals and organisations in obtaining their performance and developmental goals in a way that is effective, courageous, compassionate and authentic.

Tanya Stevens

Owner, CLEAR (Coach, Colleague)

“Torsten is a highly professional, integral coach. He has a wonderful ability to give honest feedback that is insightful and inspirational to his clients. I highly recommend him to anyone willing to further their own personal development and professional growth.

Karen Miedzinski

Owner and Managing Member, Convergent Ideas (Colleague)

Torsten Henschel is a highly skilled, well versed and extremely ethical personal coach. Coupled with that he has a true passion for human-development and life enrichment in general. The coaching sessions I have had so far has all been done in a timely and very professional manner. At the beginning and end of each session I had a chance to reflect on the previous and current sessions, and every time I realized how much these sessions have opened up new thought-provoking avenues. This process not only changed my thinking about myself, but also widened my horizons regarding career, relations and ethics in general. Although Torsten has a very non-obtrusive way of coaching, he does manage in a very skillful way to get to the bottom of issues at hand. Without the proper guidance of a professional coach like Torsten, I would probably never realized that my personal true potential is yet to be brought into fruition. I can sincerely recommend Torsten as personal and/or professional coach for any individual or organization. His willingness to extend himself into his subject matter, as well as his humble but professional manner in which he challenges his subjects to look further, harder and deeper into matters of concern, begs to be recommended.”


Torsten completed the Integral Coaching through UCT with me. I found him to be an exceptional coach, with a wonderful listening ear and a grounded approach to coaching.”

Brian Chinsamy

Head: Leadership, Learning and Talent, Barclays Africa, ABSA Bank

“I got to know Torsten well in his capacity as coach and facilitator, and quickly discovered his sharp intellect and deep human insights. I respect his ability to read people and relate to them and am impressed by the extreme dedication, which he invariably demonstrates in every assignment he undertakes. Torsten is easy to get along with and inspires trust.”


“Torsten has the ability to create a trusting environment for his clients through his exceptional listening and empathetic skills. His love and care for people is evident in the way that he coaches as he is passionate about enabling clients to unlock their potential through integral coaching.”

Sorette Roose

Human Resources Business Partner, ABSA Bank

“Torsten is an excellent coach who is able to work with different people in an effective manner. He is a coach who has a strong presence; and has the intuitive ability to meet his clients where they are at. He enjoys exploring and understanding his clients, so he is able to offer what is best for them.”

Kilpena Lalu

Life & Executive Coach, Blacklite Coaching (Colleague)

“Your analogies were most meaningful and your approach was strength and compassion, and so it was safe to share with you. Thank you for your gentle guidance yesterday, it was insightful, appreciated, and worked well! Thank you for an interesting and thoughtful day and for your insight and ability to bring things to a focused conclusion in the short time that we had”.


“Your influence guiding me through the rescue swimmer and later trainee coxswain program was a significant catalyst in my personal growth as well Sea Rescue career during the last 5 years. I have learned a lot more than just hard technical rescue skills, but it is your calm internal strength, compassion, wisdom, humility, and inherent passion for instilling self-belief in people that have been the greatest gifts, and which are now hot wired into my brain. Your leadership has left a legacy that will be found in the foundations of Station 23 for many years and crew still to come. It certainly has been an honour and a privilege to serve with you. Thank you”.

Jonathan Britton

Fellow Volunteer, Wilderness Sea Rescue

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